using ErgVideo Free

There's a lot to ErgVideo, and this is the place to learn it all. We've produced the video below especially for new users approaching ErgVideo for its free new features. If your questions aren't answered in this video, please look at the other topics on this page, or consult our FAQ or other support pages.


Using ErgVideo's Free features
using ErgVideo free features with your ErgVideo library. Introducing the "TOE"

Here's a new seminar-style video that introduces the new Training plans and describes how the free plans and free sessions map to ErgVideos using the TOE workouts scan. It contrasts the traditional ErgVideo plans with the new ones, and show how you make use of your ErgVideo library even when using the new free-mode plans


Using ErgVideo's new free plans with your ErgVideo library
some of the latest new features
Here are some of the features we've added recently.


integrated downloader

free training plans for free-mode (quickie)

free training plans for free-mode (detailed!)


screen captures (quickie)

posting ErgVideo screen captures to strava

ride data review (quickie)


ride data review (detailed!)

fast-forward and reverse

Get TrainingPeaks Workout of the day


Manually importing workout files


learn everything about using ErgVideo
These instructional videos form the help documentation for ErgVideo. This section covers topics regarding set-up and riding ErgVideo. The next section discusses advanced functions like training plan configuration and other cool features. Finally, we show specific connection scenarios for 1, 2 or many trainer and devices, of different kinds too.


integrated downloader (v5)

installing from the web

installing from dvd


unlocking ErgVideos

configuring your online account

connecting trainers and devices


single trainer case, simpler connection

get riding quickly

options and settings


ride setup & ride design

realtime riding controls & calibration

FE-C trainer calibration


cool features of interest: stuff you can do!
Here we present some of the advanced topics and features that go above and beyond simply operating, setting-up, and riding ErgVideo.


using the new (v5), free-mode training plan tool

using the traditional training plan tool

manually importing workout files


uploading to TrainingPeaks & Strava

posting ErgVideo pictures to your strava activity

get TrainingPeaks workout of the day


fast-forward and reverse

your phone as a remote control for ErgVideo

ride data review


threshold test procedure

comparing power meters

optimizing computer performance
set-up instructions for specific cases
This section may contain some simpler explanations for configuring your hardware with ErgVideo. Pick the case closest to your own needs.


one CompuTrainer, one rider

one CompuTrainer, two+ riders

two CompuTrainers, two riders


one Kickr, one rider

one Kickr, two+ riders

two Kickrs, two riders


many trainers, many riders